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The Garden Party - Wisconsin LLC

The story of Aglow, the Garden Party Soybean Candle

Aglow Soy Candles are made in the US.

Aglow Soy Candles are hand poured.

Aglow Soy Candles are made exclusively for the environmentally & community conscious candle lover!

The Garden Party - Wisconsin LLC was established in May 2003 and specializes in 100% natural soybean aromatherapy candles. The Garden Party strives to make the healthiest and most fragrant soybean candle anywhere. 

Aglow Soy Candles are made with 100% all-natural soybean wax enhanced with fragrance and botanical oils, have no added dyes and have cotton core wicks.

Aglow Soy Candles can be purchased at retail locations throughout the US or right here on this web site. 

Why don't you sell Aglow Soy Candles at your store? Contact us about our simple retailers program or go to the Wholesale/Fundraisers tab above.

Contact The Garden Party - Wisconsin about how we have helped dozens of organizations conduct fundraisers by selling Aglow Soy Candles for your school, church, or your sporting organization.


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Soy Candles


Aglow Soy Candles made by the Garden Party Wisconsin are hand-poured in Wisconsin, are made of all-natural 100% soybean wax enhanced with fragrant oil, have no added dyes and a cotton core wick. See "Why Soy Candles? " for all the advantages of Soy Candles.

Aglow Soy Candles are unlike any candle you have ever had before! Health, quality, safety, sustainability - those are the tenants of our candle. Great scent throw, length and quality of burn - those are results. 

Every possible means for producing the healthiest candle for the air quality in your home has been employed in the making of the Aglow Soy Candle.  Plus it comes in over 60 scents and unscented!

Try the Garden Party's quality Soy Candle.  Join our thousands of loyal clients and see why this is the best candles ever made. We guarantee it or your money back including shipping.

Phone: (262) 716-1220 If you are looking for Bean Pod Soy Candles, contact us.  


Candle Supplies


Interested in making your own candles or selling the Aglow Soy Candle at your store?

Get the raw materials and instructions to make your own candles. It is an inexpensive way to make a personal gift for friends and family. Purchase wholesale supplies or buy candles by the case! To avoid shipping charges pick it up in Whitewater, WI. Call for an appointment.

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Help the Garden Party! Talk to your favorite retailer and tell them how much you love our candles. If they order from us, you earn a free candle! Call us at 262 716-1220 with any questions.

Laughing The Garden Party's Soy Candle is now named Aglow Soy Candle! Laughing

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We are a member of Made in the and Local First Milwaukee :
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